Bohai Strait Yantai to Dalian and other provincial passenger ships due to winds for two days

Yantai sea area 12 evening to 13 days during the day
Yantai has released from the Yantai Maritime Bureau, affected by the cold winds, Yantai has issued a major risk of sea risk early warning, the Bohai Strait Yantai to Dalian, Penglai to Lushun provinces and other provinces, Yantai, February 13 (Xinhua) International passenger ships at 12 o'clock on the evening of 9 across the board. Is expected to return to normal operation on the 14th after the wind weakened. According to the forecast, Yantai sea 12 evening to 13 days during the day, the yin to the heavy rain to turn the snow, fog, the maximum wind northeast wind 6, night turn 6-7; 13 morning turn 7-8, day Winds 8-9 level, the waves in the influx of mad Tao Chung; 13 days to 14 days during the day, the cloud is snowy clouds, the maximum wind north to northwest wind 8-9, 14 pm weakened to 7-8 , The evening weakened to 6-7 level, mad Tao Chung Chung. According to the relevant provisions of Shandong Province, the sea wind level 7 and above, engaged in port passenger transport services port operators shall not allow passengers, vehicles on board, in order to avoid bad weather passenger ship sailing. Yantai maritime sector to remind people to do a good job at sea wind anti-work, do not take risks, less than dangerous coastal areas to stay, to prevent accidents.

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