Taichung City, a new car test by the unfamiliar road down the slope of 4 injured 1 life crisis

Driving Guo male suspected road unfamiliar
According to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported that Taichung City Shaodong District on the 23rd morning from an accident car accident, Guo surname driving test by car, carrying the car company female business and three friends, carried out Test drive experience, suspected road unfamiliar, out of control rushed to the slope, which sat in the co-operation of the female business cervical fracture crisis, others are all minor injuries, the actual situation still finished transcripts only clear. Driving Guo male suspected unfamiliar conditions, driving driving out of the road, causing 4 injured 1 life crisis. Reporters Song Baiyi / turned Shazu deer field hospital pointed out that driving Guo male left forearm abrasions, right hand abrasions, no life and death, but 47-year-old white female businessman, to the hospital was no signs of life, after the rescue has been Restore heartbeat, but the cervical spine, occipital bone rupture, still in the intensive care unit observation, life-threatening. The other three passengers were slightly injured.

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